Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Love Story

Spring Break was coming up and I was about to head to Phoenix from New Mexico to apply for a job. My sisters husband, who got me the interview, told me that he knew a guy he thought I would hit it off with. I agreed to a blind date but the day before I was going to go, he called and told me that the guy flaked out. I really didn't care much so I went to the interview and got the job. 

When I moved to Phoenix, I lived with my sister for a few months while I worked and looked for my own place. He lived on her side of town so one day after a fireside at church, I heard someone say his name. I turned and saw him and awkwardly said "oh you're Tommy? You're the guy that ditched out on me for that blind date?" He was really embarrassed but said yes and that he had to go. 

After that, I thought I would try to pursue him. I started inviting him to things and would randomly run into him at work and at other places. We even went on a date that ended up a very awkward disaster. It turned out he was actually interested in a different girl who didn't return his affections. We decided to be friends. 

Months went by and I started dating a different guy. Things got pretty rocky with him so I would stop by Tommy's desk on my way out of work and talk to him about my relationship. He would also talk to me about the girl he was interested in. We became a support for each other and soon talking at his desk became a daily occurrence.

Three days after my relationship with the other guy ended, Tommy asked me to lunch. Two days after that he came over to my house and told me he liked me. Two days after that we went on what we now call "our first official date." We dated not seriously for about two months when I took him home for Christmas because I didn't want to make the long drive alone. I'm from a small town so people assumed that we were very serious. That scared him and when we got back to Phoenix he broke up with me. All the time that we were together I thought it wouldn't matter if we broke up but when it happened I was devastated. It turned out that he was too. Three days later he came over and told me how much he missed me and loved me. 

Three months later he proposed to me and two months after that we were married. I don't think I fully understood how lucky I was to have him then but now, four years later, I understand more then ever. He is the best and most wonderful husband and father I have ever met and I can't wait to spend forever with him.

Happy Anniversary Tommy, I love you more than anything!

4 love notes:

Katie Stewart-Smith said...

 AWWWWW this is such a cut picture of you two!

Candace said...

 Happy Anniversary! Y'all are just perfect for each other...I love listening to the two of you telling stories together, because you finish each other's sentences and just keep going back and forth like that...SO cute. Also so cute is sweet little Cameron. Love to all three of you! Have a wonderful day!

Briannewalsh said...

 i totally didn't realize it was your anniversary!! happy anniversary!!! i love you!! and candace is right, you two are perfect for each other and cameron is the cutest!! :)

Thomas Hunsaker said...

 Thank you baby!! Happy Anniversary!!!!! I love you more infinity + 1.