Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Things About Alisha Friday!

I did a post similar to this a while back and I decided that we should all embrace the unique or "weird" things about ourselves.
So from now on, as I come up with them, I will be posting weird things about me!
Also feel free to make your own list and send me a link.
I would love to read all of the weird things about you!

1. I love gummy snacks.
2. I used to be a blonde but brown hair makes people take me more seriously.
Don't worry, I still have fun ;)
3. I love wearing colorful tights.
4. I think that when I write with a fine tip sharpie my handwriting is better.
5. I often sing and dance in the elevator when no one else is in there.
6. I like macaroni and cheese in a box with taco bell hot sauce. My brother taught me this :)
7. I am an ace at the game "Bookworm." My best word is "Crochets."
8. My sister used to tell me that McDonald's was made out of worms and I believed her.
9. When I'm really tired, Tommy will give me a piggy back ride up the stairs to bed.
10. Last night I had a dream about lots and lots of sweets and goodies. So many I couldn't even eat one of everything. It was beautiful.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 4: Glasgow

Woke up at 9 to make it to church by 11:30.
Turns out they have all the other meetings first so we were late.
Nice walk there.
Stopped at a yummy bagel place on the way.
Church was nice, funny talks about Mums.
Felt very welcomed.
Went to the botanical gardens after.
It was free and fun.
Walked to the rail station.
Stopped at a yummy place for lunch and two more places to use the restroom on the way.
Caught the train and made it to Edinburgh safe.
Hotel is walking distance from the rail station.
Very nice, not like last night.
Pregnancy hormones getting to me, breaking out like crazy.
Time for bed.
No naps today.

Our yummy yummy bagels.
Probably one of the best things we ate on the trip!

In spring, flowers just pop out of the ground!
It was beautiful!

Pretty flowers at the botanical garden.

Love the buildings in this city.
A lot of people said we wouldn't really like Glasgow but it was one of our favorite places!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hunsaker Baby Poll #1

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our 1st Ultrasound!

Today we went in for our first ultrasound.
It was so exciting to see our baby and hear it's heartbeat.
Everything is normal and fine and our baby is doing well.
Right now, it's about an inch big and my due date is November 8th.
We are so happy to be parents!!

Day 3: Travel Day

Left before breakfast at our B&B so we could drive back to Dublin and catch a train to Belfast.
While taking a picture of Tommy near the train terminal, a man called him "lovely."
Fell asleep on the train.
Got to Belfast and took a bus to the center of town and caught an expensive taxi to the ferry station to be there three hours early like the website said.
Turns out we only needed to be an hour early.
Fell asleep at the terminal.
Finally got on the biggest, coolest, ferry ever.
Fell asleep on the ferry.
Made it to Stranraer and rushed to catch our train. No one was there.
Turns out there was a train strike.
Currently taking a bus to Ayr and going to catch a connecting train to Glasgow from there.
Scary big bus, scary small roads.
Glad we're not driving.
Almost relieved we don't have to take a train from the rail station in Stranraer that looked like it was in a horror movie.
Wide awake and still sick.

*Made it to the hotel late and safe.
Got made fun of by old men on the train for wearing a "silly scarf."
Hotel ghetto.
Glad we're not staying long.

Capitol building in Belfast

A bank in Belfast. That's right, a bank.

Us on the train.
Sorry, not many good pictures of this day.
P.S. My scarf is not silly.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mechelle!

Mechelle is the sweetest person I know.
She has unlimited talents.
There is nothing she can't do.
She has the cutest kids around.
She has trouble keeping her eyes open in pictures with me.
This first one was a conscience effort.

I love you Mechelle!
Happy Easter Birthday!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 2: Galway

Woke up early and took a long taxi ride to Dublin city center to rent a car that was way too expensive.
Luckily we got a GPS but driving on the other side of the road is difficult even for an expert like Tommy.
Made it to Galway safe. Love it here.
Checked into our lovely B&B just minutes from the coast.
Dropped our stuff and went for lunch at Lohan's (no relation to Lindsay).
Great place, good food, beautiful view.
Walked along the beach and took pictures.
Drove back to the B&B, roundabouts everywhere. I mean everywhere.
Took a nap and a shower.
Went back out to find Tig Coili, an authentic Irish pub known for it's great music.
Went to a small shopping center first and found a yummy mousse we saved for dessert.
Found the pub packed full of people and no place to sit.
Too much drinking so we went to a place called the King's Head for dinner instead.
The place was really cool and had lots of history.
Came back to our B&B cause we're tired and lame but stopped at the beach to get a rock for Lara.
Good Day.

This is the awesome car we rented.

Our B&B. It was really cute inside and out.

Lunch at Lohan's. Delicious!