Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Things About Alisha Friday!

I did a post similar to this a while back and I decided that we should all embrace the unique or "weird" things about ourselves.
So from now on, as I come up with them, I will be posting weird things about me!
Also feel free to make your own list and send me a link.
I would love to read all of the weird things about you!

1. I love gummy snacks.
2. I used to be a blonde but brown hair makes people take me more seriously.
Don't worry, I still have fun ;)
3. I love wearing colorful tights.
4. I think that when I write with a fine tip sharpie my handwriting is better.
5. I often sing and dance in the elevator when no one else is in there.
6. I like macaroni and cheese in a box with taco bell hot sauce. My brother taught me this :)
7. I am an ace at the game "Bookworm." My best word is "Crochets."
8. My sister used to tell me that McDonald's was made out of worms and I believed her.
9. When I'm really tired, Tommy will give me a piggy back ride up the stairs to bed.
10. Last night I had a dream about lots and lots of sweets and goodies. So many I couldn't even eat one of everything. It was beautiful.

4 love notes:

Life in the circus said...

I love you, and it's true! McDonalds is made out of worms!

Joyce Wolfley said...

I love bookworm...I'll have to remember Crochets next time. Love ya!

Mechelle said...

funny girl! I don't really like McDonalds either and I remember the worm thing, because Dad would tell us that too!

DSigns said...

Yes your dad convinced all of you that mcdonalds was bad. He loved bking which by the way you all would insist on only going to w/grandma if she took you guys out. We take you the same no matter what your hair color is, by the way.