Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 3: Travel Day

Left before breakfast at our B&B so we could drive back to Dublin and catch a train to Belfast.
While taking a picture of Tommy near the train terminal, a man called him "lovely."
Fell asleep on the train.
Got to Belfast and took a bus to the center of town and caught an expensive taxi to the ferry station to be there three hours early like the website said.
Turns out we only needed to be an hour early.
Fell asleep at the terminal.
Finally got on the biggest, coolest, ferry ever.
Fell asleep on the ferry.
Made it to Stranraer and rushed to catch our train. No one was there.
Turns out there was a train strike.
Currently taking a bus to Ayr and going to catch a connecting train to Glasgow from there.
Scary big bus, scary small roads.
Glad we're not driving.
Almost relieved we don't have to take a train from the rail station in Stranraer that looked like it was in a horror movie.
Wide awake and still sick.

*Made it to the hotel late and safe.
Got made fun of by old men on the train for wearing a "silly scarf."
Hotel ghetto.
Glad we're not staying long.

Capitol building in Belfast

A bank in Belfast. That's right, a bank.

Us on the train.
Sorry, not many good pictures of this day.
P.S. My scarf is not silly.

3 love notes:

Life in the circus said...

No, your scarf is not silly. sorry about all your inconveniences, but I'm glad the ferry was great.

Mechelle said...

glad you got where you needed to be, even though you had to wait at times. What's a trip without a little adventure?

Red Boots said...

Hope you made it to Edinburgh ok! I grew up in Ayrshire - lots of places there look like they're from a horror movie - not just Stranraer!