Saturday, May 21, 2011

6 Months!

6 months already!
I can't believe it!
Our baby is growing so fast.

He has recently started to get up on his knees and is so close to crawling!
He also loves himself some baby food, and has been eating it up like nobody's business.
We love him so!

At his 6 month check-up his stats were:
27.74 inches long - 91%
17.68 pounds - 55%

3 love notes:

desiree i said...

Love it!

Heathercakes said...

 What a handsome little man! Happy 1/2 birthday! 

Robyn said...

My son just turned 6 months on May 30th. They're days apart! He's so cute your son! We had Quentin weighed at 25 weeks old and he was 14 lbs and change. He's a tiny little pisher!