Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fondue Party!

The Friday before Valentine's Day we were invited by a super cute couple to a party they called "Fond of You" Fondue Party.
The house was decorated with streamers and hearts all around and we listened to love songs throughout the evening.
We made our own personal sized pizza and heart shaped pasta and drank sparkling cider.
Then we watched "Sixteen Candles" and had mint chocolate fondue for dessert!
It was such a fun time and it was great to hang out with other couples that also have babies!
Thank you Michael and Sara for a great night!

4 love notes:

charlotte said...

I am glad you took pictures because I was lame and did not :(

briannewalsh said...

that looks awesome! and now i want fondu... hmmm...

Life in the circus said...

I wish I was part of a cute couple. All we can manage is meh. We are so boring!

Alisha said...

Throw a fondue party! Then you will be hip! ;)