Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What we've been up to!

Posting has been sparse the last couple of weeks.
Turns out we get really busy in the summer months!
I'll tell you a little bit of what we've been up to.

Two weeks ago we went on a "staycation" to a resort in Scottsdale.
(We've had conversations about the real definition of staycation and found that it actually means to have a vacation at home. I'm using it for our vacation in the general area).
The resort was amazing and I'm sure you would love to see all the pictures of our awesome weekend.
Too bad they got stuck on a weirdo memory card and we cannot retrieve them...
If my most talented husband can get them off, I promise I will blog all about it!

Last weekend we went to my parents house in New Mexico.
For some reason I didn't take very many pictures (very unlike me).
But we had a good time and I got to visit with a few of my very good friends from back home.
I also got to see my beautiful, wonderful, amazing sister who was also visiting my most loving parents!*

Today, Tommy has headed off to New York for a business trip.
I've gathered books to keep myself busy while he is gone.
Here's to hoping that works!

Also! I'm going to the doctor today for a check-up.
I should be able to hear the heartbeat again and from here we will schedule our ultra-sound to find out what we are having!
Can't wait!

*Post amended to suit my sister.

3 love notes:

briannewalsh said...

what, am i just air or invisible or something. you got to see me too.

Mechelle said...

I wish I could have seen Bee and mom and dad too! I hope you aren't too bored with Tommy gone, and if you are we aren't far :D

lazyunder said...

can't wait to see you folks in a few weeks.