Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Usually, I am not a big reader.
I always hated books reports in school because I could not get myself to read the book.
I think I have realized that the reason is because I was only reading books I wasn't very interested in.

Well when Tommy was out of town last week I decided I should read to use all the time I had to myself.
I had heard great things about the books I chose from a fellow blogger and decided to give them a shot since my sister-in-law had them for me to borrow (thanks Charlotte!).

The Hunger Games is the first book and Catching Fire is the second in the series .
They were a really fun and entertaining read and it didn't take me long at all to finish both of them.
They are young adult novels so if you are looking for something intellectual and profound you probably won't find it here.
They are however, very well written and it will not take you long to get into it and start loving the characters.
So overall, I highly recommend them!
I even bought them for myself so my friends can read them.
The third and final book comes out at the end of August and I am really excited!

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