Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Things to do in Dublin

I googled "things to do in Dublin" and found this list on a tourist website. We have all of the basic structure of our trip planned, hotels, trains, etc. but the finer details of what we are actually going to do when we get there have not been looked at and that makes me nervous. So I will provide you with this list and you can help me choose. Don't forget we are on a time crunch so narrow it down to your top 3. Oh and if you have other suggestions that are not on this list, I am open to those as well. Thanks in advance!

Guinness Storehouse

In the heart of the Guinness factory complex this excellent visitor centre tells the dramatic story of the 250 year history of Guinness. A complimentary drink in the highest bar in Ireland, the Gravity bar is part of your visit here. Find out more about The Guinness Storehouse

**Just to be clear - we would only go here for the tour and not the complimentary drink at the end :)

Trinity College

Once the educator of the elite of Irish society, Trinity College is now open to all. See the Old Library and the Book of Kells. Find out more about Trinity College


Dublinia traces the story of Medieval Dublin from the English Invasion through the Black Death to the closure of the Monasteries in the 1540s. Find out more about


Kilmainham Gaol

Europe's largest disused and Ireland's most famous prison. The leaders of the 1916 Rebellion were executed here by the English. Find out more about Kilmainham Gaol

Dublin Castle

The centre of English oppression and misrule in Ireland for 700 years. See the Old Walls of Dublin, State Apartments, and the treasury. Find out more about Dublin Castle

Temple Bar

Dublin's Cultural Quarter. Located in the heart of Dublin's City Centre, some of Dublin's best night spots, restaurants and unusual shops line these narrow, cobbled streets running between the Bank of Ireland and Christ Church Cathedral. Find out more about Temple Bar

Grafton Street

Dublin's smartest shopping area with fashionable stores such as Brown Thomas, the department store. Other principal shopping streets in the area include Wicklow Street, Dawson Street, and South Great Georges Street.

Henry Street

Department stores such as the popular Arnotts', and an assortment of popular clothing and footwear stores are here on Dublin's Henry Street. The ILAC shopping centre, and the newer Jervis Street Shopping Centre are both here.

An essential part of Ireland's (and Dublin's, of course!) social life and a must for every visitor. In Dublin today there are basically two categories of pubs: the Traditional ones, and the Modern ones. Find out more about Dublin Pubs

Music, be it traditional, pop, dance, is one of Dublin's favourite night-time distractions. With many new nightclubs opened in recent years it's no wonder people flock from all over Europe to revel in the popular night spots of the city. Find out more about Nightclubs in Dublin

8 love notes:

Mrs. Reese said...

I vote for Dublin castle and Dublinia, castles and church structures never get boring!

briannewalsh said...

i vot for the prison, the castle and the temple bar. well not the bar exactly but the street venders sound like fun.

Life in the circus said...

castle, church, shopping!

CANDACE said...

I say Dublin Castle, Temple Bar, and Pubs...and I say pubs because I'm guessing that's where you're going to get to hear a lot of great Irish music and you don't have to drink to enjoy the music. Plus, it just seems so *Irish* to do it!

Charlotte and Jason said...

Dublinia, Dublin Castle, and Temple Bar.

Mechelle said...

Dublin Castle, Dublinia, and Trinity College, for day-time adventure and fun. The pubs and shopping for late afternoon/early evening. If you do the pubs, PLEASE be safe, I'd hate for you to get mugged.

lazyunder said...

if you go to the pubs, make sure you watch the lord of the rings movies a few times before you go so you can sing along with all their pub songs.

briannewalsh said...

i vot for the prison, the castle and the temple bar. well not the bar exactly but the street venders sound like fun.