Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trip to B-Town

So I realize that this trip was in September but I've been really busy so get off my back :)
For Labor day weekend, Tommy and I went to New Mexico for a visit. I can never stay away for very long, I just love my parents way too much! Plus, I always get to see at least 10 people I know every time I go to the mall.

We drove through Flagstaff like usual. I always like going through there, it's so beautiful in the mountains.

We stopped at Taco Bell because we love it and we don't care who knows it.

While in Farmington, we drove by this famous sign. Needless to say, I never see many cars outside this store :)

This is my friend Amanda. We were best friends in Junior High and since then have been constantly moving around. We find a way to keep in touch and I always try and see her when I go home.

Bar-D Chuckwagon photos to come!!

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Mechelle said...

I love the photos, esp the one with the Jesus sign. :D