Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the love of my life wrote me a poem

and this is what it said:


Sometimes I don't understand,
Sometimes we don't agree,

Sometimes we get in fights,
Sometimes you're mad at me.

Sometimes I say I'm sorry,
Sometimes you don't believe,

Sometimes I like to stay with you,
Sometimes you drool on my sleeve.

Sometimes I hold your hand,
Sometimes I hold two,

Sometimes I take too long,
Sometimes I wait for you.

Sometimes I try my best,
Sometimes I don't succeed,

Sometimes I look at you,
Sometimes that's all I need.

Sometimes I don't remember,
Sometimes I'm a butt-head

Sometimes I think of how things are,
Sometimes my face turns red.

Sometimes I talk a lot,
Sometimes I listen to you,

Sometimes I have too much to say,
Sometimes that is true.

You always listen to what I need,
You always care about me,

You'll be there for me always,
You'll stay with me please.

You're smile warms my heart,
You're face lights up my day,

I love you forever and always,
No matter what I say.


I love it with all my heart. I love him with all my heart. I love us.
Thank you baby, I love you.

4 love notes:

Mechelle said...

That was sa-weet! So Tommy wrote this for you?! Aww you have a keeper, way to go Tommy.

love my family said...

that was very nice. good job Tomas. como te quero mi amor. i'm not sure if i spelled that right, but i love you two.

Alisha said...

By the way, I may or may not have demanded poetry... I'm not admitting to anything.

Life in the circus said...

at least he was willing to ablige. I want poetry!