Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trip up the Coast

So I realize that we are still planning our trip to the UK. There is still a lot to plan for that trip but don't worry, I am still working on it (it's harder then you think).

Just yesterday when I was sitting at my desk and looking at the map next to me, I decided that I wanted to take a trip up the west coast. In my mind it will happen probably the summer of 2011. Tommy thinks we might have a mini-me running around at that time and that would be ok, we'll drag 'em along.

So here is the itinerary I came up with in like five minutes and I think it might just work:

Day 1: Leave Avondale, AZ at 6am
Drive 10 Hours and arrive in Salinas, CA
Day 2: Leave Salinas at 6am
Drive 10 hours and arrive in Coos Bay, OR
Day 3: Leave Coos Bay
Drive 5 hours and arrive in Portland, OR
Day 4: Leave Portland
Drive 3 hours and arrive in Bremerton, WA
Day 5: Stay in Bremerton
Day 6: Leave Bremerton
Drive 10 hours and arrive in Twin Falls, ID
Day 7: Stay in Twin Falls
Day 8: Leave Twin Falls
Drive 9 Hours and arrive in Las Vegas, NV
Day 9: Stay in Las Vegas
Day 10: Leave Las Vegas
Drive 5 1/2 hours and arrive in Avondale, AZ

Lots of driving but I think it would be really fun.

Do you have any suggestions for places we should stop on the way?

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Mechelle said...

are the 10 hr drives with or without stopping? Sounds like fun, something I've always wanted to do. We were going to do this for our honeymoon, but we couldn't cause we were closing on our house.

bnsnyder said...

So youre really planning on doing that much driving with your mini me?? Maybe you should extend the trip and do less driving in a day but other than that- we would LOVE to have you!! :) p.s. I would recommend stopping in San Francisco first and then on up. Me and Brant did the drive from N.M. to here and it was wonderful!