Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Things We All Remember

Here are some pictures of the town my grandparents live in. As children, my family spent a lot of time in this wonderful place. I thought I would capture some of the things that we know and love.

On your way into town, this is the first thing you see. It always makes me so excited to pass this sign.

This is the church we all go to on Sundays. It looks different from when we were young but it is still beautiful.

This is the old school house in town. They don't use it for school anymore or for anything really, but it is nice to look at.

This is a picture of my grandfathers handmade airplane mobile. He hand crafted each of these planes himself. They are wonderful.

My grandparents house. Many memories are made here.
Laundry on the line. There is no need for a dryer.

The entrance to my grandparents property.

More pictures of Luna still to come :)

4 love notes:

Life in the circus said...

Sigh, I heart Luna, I wish I would have had more time to say goodbye to it :(

Ashley Collier said...

I love your pictures!! They remind me of some of the places we used to spend time at when I was little!! It's so green and beautiful!

Mechelle said...

I love it there too, and the thing that makes it most special, is Grandma and Grandpa. :D (and of course the roots we have there)

love my family said...

some of my favorite memories is of luna and the times i've spent there. it's got to be one of the best places on earth.