Monday, June 30, 2008

more house house

Stopped by the house again today. Seems like every time we stop by they have lots more finished which is really exciting for us! They have all the light fixtures in and they even put lights in where we thought they wouldn't. Some of them are a little strange but we were planning on putting in ceiling fans in most of the rooms anyway. So yay! They finally painted the house! I'm pretty sure the door is not going to stay that color but I guess we'll see. It doesn't look too bad and I guess if I really hate it I can just paint it myself later. They still haven't fixed the cabinets. I hope they do it soon! I still love it!!




3 love notes:

candace said...

i really love your light fixture! hope you get to move in soon!

briannewalsh said...

i'm so excited for you. sounds like they'll be done soon. hopefully anyway. love ya.

Mechelle said...

hooray for the house!! and horay for you!