Monday, June 30, 2008

70s Party!

Last Saturday night Tommy and I were invited to a 70s party. I am all for dressing up so of course I accepted for the both of us. I dressed up as Mary Tyler Moore. Most people didn't get it cause no one really knew what she looked like. We were going for a Dick Van Dyke look on Tommy but despite how skinny and tall he is, it was hard to pull it off. Plus we found this awesome sweater vest at goodwill for like two bucks but it actually made him look like Mr. Rogers instead. I'm not actually sure if Mr. Rogers was famous in the 70s but no one at the party questioned it. There were some awesome outfits there but we really didn't stay for long cause we were the only married couple in a group of hormonal single adults and it was a little weird. We went home and we to sleep early like the old married couple we are :)

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