Friday, December 14, 2012

Cameron's 2nd Birthday!

For Cameron's 2nd birthday, we had a mustache party!
It was so much fun!
Thanks to my silhouette, I was able to cut out many mustaches without a lot of work, which I really appreciated.

I can't believe my boy is two. He amazes us everyday with how fast he learns and how observant he is.
He is a sweet boy who loves hugs and kisses and even though we have our rough moments, we still love every minute with him.
He is doing great with both Spanish and English as well as Sign Language.
We use sign as a base language between the two languages so he knows that the words mean the same thing. It's working really well for us so that now when I ask him in English what a word is in Spanish he can tell me. Not all words, obviously, but a lot.
We are so impressed with how well he is picking it up.

Enjoy the pictures of his special day!


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Carla said...

I LOVE IT! The mustaches are great! Good job mommy!