Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cameron at 1 year

Do not judge me for just getting these pictures taken.
Technically, he's still one.
When I look back, I probably won't even remember what age he was anyway just that the pictures show how much he has grown!

This little boy is so full of personality! 

I plan on continuing into his second year also and maybe like up to five or ten if I'm really feeling it. Pretty soon, he wont fit on this blanket....

3 love notes:

Thomas Hunsaker said...

I cannot believe he is almost 2. He was so little in my arms just yesterday. I love him sooo much.

brianne walsh said...

he's absolutely adorable! that look in the second to last picture is all you. so cute!

pinkfrosting_xo said...

What a sweet face! I love this idea. Your blog is amazing. xo