Monday, August 29, 2011

9 Months!

Can you believe he is 9 months old already??
At Cameron's 9 month check-up his stats were:
30.24 inches long
20.19 lbs

He has been growing so much this last month.
He has taken his first step, and subsequent steps with the same foot, using the other as an anchor I suppose.
He's babbling and making lots of noise.
He's starting to throw little tantrums when he doesn't like something (which I love!)

Kinda like this little photo shoot.
He was not happy about it today!
He is still the sweetest boy in the whole wide world.
Just look at that face!

6 love notes:

Briannewalsh said...

he's so stinkin cute!!

Candace Snyder said...

We giggle over Corgan's tantrums too, so funny (for now!)

I just love the first photo of can see his mischievous side shining through! <3

desiree i said...

Adorable! He's has so much personality.

Carla Engstrom said...

I LOVE him! I want to snuggle him and eat his cheeks!

Thomas Hunsaker said...

Loving our cute little boy! He's growing up sooo fast! #BabyLife

Elizabeth Lassiter said...

Oh my...he is as handsome as can be !