Thursday, June 23, 2011

7 Months!

I've been a slacker these last couple months. 
Cameron has grown so much!
He recently started crawling (the real kind), and he is getting into everything.
He can cruise around furniture (slowly), and he puts everything in his mouth.

Pictures this month were a little difficult. 
Cameron doesn't like to stay still, so every time we put him on his back he immediately rolled over.
Silly baby.

We also got a lot of these:

7 love notes:

Briannewalsh said...

he's just so stinkin cute!! i miss him!

Candace Snyder said...

I love him!!!

Carla Engstrom said...

I can't wait to see him! Good pics!

desiree i said...

he's so cute and growing so fast!

Ashley Collier said...

As ALWAYS, adorable pictures of your adorable little man!!

Robyn said...

He's so cute! Our babes are the same age, Quentin turns 7 months old on Thursday (June 30th). Is yours a November 2010 baby as well or is this a catch up post? Where did you get the 7 onesie? So cute!

Alisha Hunsaker said...

This is a catch up post but yes, he was born in November! I made the onsie with freezer paper. You can see my tutorial here: