Thursday, April 21, 2011

Everybody likes you when you're 24

I was thinking today about my age.
Not old. Not young. Just right.
I also thought about what I have accomplished so far.
I am a mom to a perfect little boy, I am a wife to the best husband, I am a daughter and sister to the best family (not that I can really take credit for that), I have a job that I love, a wonderful house, and I have the gospel in my life.
All these wonderful blessings and more.
Everything is great, now that I am 24.

My awesome birthday present from my boys.

7 love notes:

Carla Engstrom said...

Awesome ride! Happy Birthday my beautiful, wonderful, talented, spirited, unique, loving sister!

Candace Snyder said...

happy birthday! what a sweet ride! now all you need is a seat for cameron to join you!

Brianna Reese said...

I want a bike like that!
P.S. you look great!

Briannewalsh said...

that is an AWESOME bike! i love you!

Thomas Hunsaker said...

Oooops, looks like I had the frond wheel turned around when I put the handlebars on. Sorry babe. :)

Julie Merrell said...

You guys have a super cute/fun life. I love how picturesque it is. You make life seem effortless and simple. It will be fun to see how things change for you. But I do have to tell you, you can be fabulous in your 30th. Love reading your stuff!

Alisha Hunsaker said...

Thank you! You are so sweet!