Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 7: London

Slept in. Ate a yummy breakfast in our small but cozy hotel.
Tommy found me some carrots to eat because the thought of anything else made me feel sick.
Found a coin laundry close so we could wash our clothes.
Finished laundry and Tommy really wanted pizza.
We found an awesome semi-authentic Italian place with huge pizzas.
Luckily it didn’t make me sick.
Took our stuff back to the hotel then went out again to the movie Alice in Wonderland - in 3D of course.
Then some shopping.
And that's it.
It's Saint Patrick's Day and things started to get a little wild in the streets.
Watched TV. Off to bed.

4 love notes:

briannewalsh said...

holy huge pizza!!! how much did you actually eat of it? wish i could have tried some.

Life in the circus said...

No kidding! Thats Gynormous! There's no whay you could have eaten all of that! What did you do with the leftovers? Fun, fun, fun!

Mechelle said...

Brianne took the words right out of my mouth! That's HUGE!!!

Ma'ila Auwen said...

I love the photo of you at the coin laundry, how its candid, antique-y and sort of lisa mitchael-esque :)