Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 6: Manchester

Disclaimer: This day didn't go at all the way we wanted it to. We would have really loved to spend more time in Manchester. The people were very nice and the weather was great!


Woke early to get to Lyme park with enough time to catch our train at three.
Felt sick, I didn’t want to move so we didn’t leave until almost 11.
It took more then an hour to get there so we could only stay a short time.
House was beautiful but we didn't have time to tour the gardens.
Got back on the bus to go to the rail station. It only took us a half an hour to get back.
Got on the rail and rode three hours to london.
Went to information and got pamphlets and a rail card for each of us.
Walked around for a good 45 minutes looking for our hotel and were pretty sure we got scammed by a girl who’s “car ran out of gas.”
We were hoping if we helped her that she would give us directions.
She didn’t.
Stopped at the best western to get directions.
Turns out we walked right passed the place twice.
Checked in. Hungry but don’t want to leave.
Sleep instead.
Out of clean clothes.

In case you didn't know, Lyme Park is the location of Pemberly in A&E's version of Pride and Prejudice.
Mr. Darcy lives there and I really wanted to see it.
People thought it was a strange place for us to visit but we really loved all of the history of it.

4 love notes:

CANDACE said...

you went to pemberly! jealous! have i told you that i adore your red coat?

Life in the circus said...

Awesome! I love it! So sorry you were not feeling well. I bet those gardens would have been great!

briannewalsh said...

wow. all i can say is wow. i would have loved to have been there with you. sorry you were sick.

Mechelle said...

I was hoping you would go there! I love it and am so glad you got to visit.

PS like the new layout and pics!