Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stuff for our trip

We bought a few things for the big trip. I checked the weather report for all the places we'll be going and for the next ten days from now the weather will be in the 30's and mostly cloudy. Hopefully it will warm up a little, but in case it doesn't, we will be prepared.

I bought this coat today. Isn't it beautiful? It's also insulated so I will be extra cozy.
Here is what my backpack sort of looks like. Tommy's is similar just all black. It has an internal frame and lots of space for us to shove all of our stuff in. We were also planning on taking an extra duffel bag for stuff we buy there.
Here is Tommy's new coat. It's a snowboarding jacket also insulated for warmth, with lots of pockets! Plus, it's waterproof! So he can stand in the rain all day and be fine :)
Here are a few more things we need:
Boots (for me)
Pocket Maps
and I'm sure more things that I just haven't though about yet. Any suggestions?

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Mechelle said...

you might need gloves to keep your hands warm. They have some awesome things called pocket warmers that might help too, you could find them in the camping section, or go to Cabella's. They are cheap.

Life in the circus said...

Its all coming up so soon! Im so excited for you! I hope everything goes like you want it to. Your stuff looks great!

briannewalsh said...

i LOVE the red coat!!! also a hat would probably be ok. or atleast something to keep your ears warm.