Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Stuff for Our Trip

I hope you are not sick of me updating you on every aspect of our trip.
I am just so excited I cannot contain it to my own body (I've been telling people at work how many days are left everyday. I think they're sick of it by now).

Anywho, these are what we bought most recently.
I have an overwhelming fear that we're going to be completely lost when we get there so we bought books for each country and maps for each city.
I am crossing my fingers that we are prepared enough. We'll see!

We also got one of these. It's a gorillapod.
It will make it easier for us to take pictures with both of us in them without giving a stranger our camera. Good idea, yes?

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Mechelle said...


Life in the circus said...

yes, very smart. I hope everything does go as planned. good luck!

DSigns said...

You're going to Ireland and England? David went on his mission to the London North mission. I can't wait to go there someday. Please post all your pics and fill us in..I can't wait to hear and see everything!!!!!