Monday, January 11, 2010

A baby shower for Candace!

We were so glad that all the girls were able to throw a baby shower for Candace while she was here. We love her very much and cannot wait to meet baby Corgan!

From All About Us

Isn't the cake Mechelle made amazing?! If you can believe it, it tasted even better than it looked!

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Ashley Collier said...

It looks like you guys had a fun time!! That cake looks AMAZING!!

Mechelle said...

Thanks, I worked hard on that thing, but it was worth it, and so was everything else. Raeleigh saw the pics and all she says is "Canace!"

CANDACE said...

i'm getting teary again.

that was a lovely soiree. y'all know how to throw a good party!

i feel so loved!

briannewalsh said...

it's because you are loved candace!! and mechelle, i know it was a lot of work, but could i have some more when i come again. :) it was the best mint chocolate cake i've ever had. and i don't like mint. :) thank you alisha for posting this. love you all.

DSigns said...

Mechelle you talented girl, that cake was gorgeous! Candace, you looked so beautiful in the pics at your shower, congrats on your baby!