Friday, December 11, 2009

Little Letters

Dear Tommy, thank you for shaving and putting on cologne today. Lets eat hummus when we get home.

Dear Weekend, thank you for being here.

Dear Glee, I love you very much and I don't think I can wait till April for you to come back into my life.

Dear Work, shame on you for lasting so long today.

Dear Christmas Parties tonight, I can't wait to eat some treats!

Dear Phoenix Weather, thanks for cooling down a bit and making it feel a little more like fall here in the Valley.

Dear Paper Snowflakes, you make me happy :)

Dear Mechelle, thank you for doing my hair last night. I love it!

Dear Christmas Music, I could listen to you all year if husband would let me.

Dear Family, I am so excited you are all coming for Christmas. I can't wait!

Dear Hot Chocolate, you are yummy.

Dear Christmas Cards, why can't you make yourself?

Dear Christmas Tree that is still in the box in the attic, please don't have spiders.

inspired by lovetaza

2 love notes:

briannewalsh said...

you are such a dork. i love you. you make me laugh. :)

Life in the circus said...

you silly but sweet ;)