Monday, September 14, 2009

Disneyland: Day 2 & 3

Luckily our great friend Andy was able to find us a pretty inexpensive hotel very close to the park. Saturday morning we walked there. It was a beautiful sunny California day.

When we got there we all got pins to wear. Tommy because it was his birthday, me because it was my first time and Andy and Ashley because they we celebrating with us!

I was pretty impressed with myself that I was able to squeeze all of us into the frame here. We all look so cozy, I love it :)

This is my super collage. You can click on it to make it bigger. Each line is a ride that we went on while we were there. My favorite was buzz lightyear. Tommy of course loved Star Tours and Space Mountain.

After a while we did a hop skip and jump on over to California Adventure. We went on the Ferris Wheel, the Tower of Terror and a few others. We also got to take tours of the Tortilla and Sourdough Bread Factories. The samples are the best part :)

This was the last day we were there. We went to Downtown Disney to do a little bit of shopping before we took off. Tommy kept bugging me to buy some souvenir or something but I couldn't convince myself to buy anything with Mickey or Tinkerbell on it. I found these pink aviators last minute and I am totally happy with my purchase.

Thank you Andy and Ashley for the FANTASTIC weekend!!!!

4 love notes:

Tommy said...

You forgot to say that I bought a totally awesome lightsaber!

Ashley Collier said...

You guys are TOTALLY cute!! Thanks for a great weekend!!

Mechelle said...

So. Much. Fun! Glad you got to go, it really is great fun :)

andrew said...

I still think it was lame that you wouldn't buy anything with Disney on it. It was still an awesome trip. Hopefully we can do something fun like this again!!!