Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Luna Parade

Here are some pictures of the Luna Pioneer Parade. It's a huge tradition in Luna and we all love to see the great floats every year.

My sisters are so beautiful and they have the cutest kids! I love that I get to be so close to them and watch them grow. I love my family!

I love Raeleigh and Mechelle's faces here. Like mother like daughter :)

4 love notes:

Ashley Collier said...

How cute!!

Life in the circus said...

Taryn's eyes look blue in this picture! I love the floats too, too bad they don't put as much effort into them as they used to. Those were the days!

lazyunder said...

was there a snyder float this year?

Mechelle said...

no snyder float, we were lazy. We did talk about it though. Thanks Alisha, you are beautiful too :)