Friday, June 26, 2009


Today I came to a strange realization when I was in a small argument with Tommy.
It was so silly; something about him using a big word that I didn't understand so I lashed out at him.
We were on the garage roof of work trying to work it out, and I was inching more and more toward the front of the door I needed to go in so I could avoid the conversation all together and continue to be mad at him the rest of the day.
As he was talking to me sternly, I looked at how cute he was just standing there with his gelled hair that I styled this morning, and I just thought, "wow, this is my life, isn't it?"
and I'm not talking about the argument
no, the part where I am spending my life and forever with this wonderful, amazing, attractive man that I don't deserve because I get mad when he uses big words. Just then, he finished talking and I looked at him and said, "your hair looks nice."

4 love notes:

candace said...


THAT is how you end an argument. ♥

drkjbrown said...

If we could all have those kind of endiings to arguments! Congrats! I hope you gave him a hug and kiss, and said baby I'm so sorry! You both are so cute and remind us of us when we were newly married. We don't look at each other's hair anymore though.

Mechelle said...

That is way to funny!! I love it!

NL* said...

this is such a cute one!
I wish I could end the argument like this :D