Monday, June 22, 2009

100 posts!

For my hundredth post, I decided I would tell you some things I've been thinking lately. Well really they are just the top 20 things I love the most (100 is just too many). Enjoy!

1. The smell of rain in the mountains.
2. When Tommy hugs me and I fit perfectly in his arms.
3. Having married friends.
4. Wheel of Fortune.
5. Meeting up with distant friends and it was like we were never apart.
6. New Mexico sunsets.
7. Painting stripes on walls.
8. Not having to remind anyone it's my birthday.
9. Planing an exciting trip.
10. Getting to help out my parents.
11. Jane Austen.
12. The excitement on kids faces when you throw them in the air.
13. When people appreciate my hard work.
14. Taking pictures of everything.
15. When Tommy gives my piggy back rides up the stairs to our room because I'm too tired.
16. Turning regular paper clips into heart paper clips.
17. Cheesy teen 80's movies.
18. When the discount comes off the total at the very end at the grocery store and I can see how much we saved.
19. Jumping in photographs.
20. The story of how Tommy and I fell in love.

3 love notes:

briannewalsh said...

how do you know it's your 100th post? cool list, by the way. :)

Tommy said...

It shows us on the Blogger dashboard:

Mechelle said...

yay for 100!!