Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nat Nat and Ling Ling.

Last week my parents came into town with Nat and Ling (their foreign exchange students) while they were on their way to Disney Land with Mechelle and family. I love it when they come to visit and Nat and Ling are the coolest girls ever! We always have a fun time together. You can see Nat's blog here. You might not be able to read it but the pictures are great!

5 love notes:

briannewalsh said...

oh, i love nat and ling! they are so much fun. wish i could have been there

JohnBierman.NET said...

I love them too! I wish they could stay with me, they are so good with kids, and super sweet and nice.

Mechelle said...

that was me

Life in the circus said...

...I was wondering. I would have been worried if it was John. I love Nat and Ling too!

NL* said...

Carla is so funny
I love you guys, too!

Thank you so much for everything! :D:D:D