Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today at work.

So today while at work I have to do these Monitor calls. Where basically I call some of our locations in Canada and see if they are following the script and asking for towing etc... Well because I have to do this every week and it's really not any fun, I've started to try and make it a little more fun so I can actually convince myself to do them.

I use fake names and phone numbers and then I make up reasons I am moving, like a got a new job and I have to move to New York, or I'm a struggling actress who wants to make it big in Hollywood. And then I always make up excuses that I can't make a reservation. Things like my dad is paying for it or my husband would be mad if I did anything without asking him first or I have to work it out with my roommates that I'm moving with. It's pretty interesting how people respond to the stories and how they can relate to the controlling husband (not that I have one) and all the other stories I can come up with (I don't think of them as lies). I've become quite good at thinking on my feet when they ask me questions I am not prepared for.
I think it's probably because I worked in sales and I have heard every single excuse in the book. I love my life but sometimes it's fun to live someone else's.

I guess I'm just interesting like that.

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Mechelle said...

that sounds like fun!

NL* said...

that's awesome!
I think it's super great to come up with the different stories.
i want to try some day
haha :)

lazyunder said...

do you remember that one time we had code names in target? i love doing stuff like that.

Alisha said...

You mean Zingos, Diva and Prospirit? Of course I remember!