Monday, October 13, 2008

Stair Jumping!

Last Saturday when Mechelle and her family came over, the boys, Zach and Kaleb, decided they really liked jumping off the stairs. So the responsible adults that we are, decided to let them. :) They never really went above the third or forth stair and I have really soft carpet. One of the times, Zach thought he wanted to jump off with Kaleb at the same time and Kaleb wasn't quite ready. Zach pulled him down and Kaleb was sad. Because Kaleb was sad Zach got sad. They soon got over that and right back to doing what they love - stair jumping!

I was having a hard time with the timing and getting the pictures while the boys were still in the air. Tommy thought my camera should have a rapid fire setting or something. We thought this was it. I have no idea what this setting is for but it's definitely not rapid fire. I thought they were kinda cool anyway.

3 love notes:

briannewalsh said...

looks like fun. i bet it was fun to watch them too!

Life in the circus said...

nothing like the thunk thunk of little heads :0

Mechelle said...

the blurry ones are pretty cool, they look like ghosties.